Meet the team's coaches and executive board!

Executive Board

Dana Dinh


Some team members jokingly call her Madame President or Her Majesty (she would prefer that you call her by her name), but Dana is a relatively normal senior pursuing a B.A. in communication and master of communication management. She has been on the team since the first semester of her freshman year when she slipped on a ballroom flyer. She is the Team Mom, having a hand in everything the team does; she handles logistics for competitions, oversees the team's daily operations, and coordinates board members' tasks. She also orders the food. Her family worries that she eats, sleeps, and breathes ballroom (this is only vaguely untrue), but Dana is also a midnight binge-reader, maker of many desserts (which she frequently uses to bribe her dance partner), Pinterest-addict, and cat lady (she has an adorable kitty named Alice).

Queenique Dinh

Social Chair

Queenique is a junior studying astronautical engineering who’s been on the team since her freshman year. As the social chair, she’s in charge of planning fun team events like retreats and social dance excursions! Having grown up as a competitive dancer, she’s ecstatic that ballroom brought her back to the dance floor. When she’s not studying rocket science or dancing, Queenique loves scoping out good food and drinking copious amounts of boba.

Mitchell Lee


Mitchell Lee is a junior studying Neuroscience. He has been on the team since Fall of 2018 and he aspires to go to medical school. As treasurer, Mitchell manages the team’s finances, collects dues, and takes care of the yearly budget for the team. Mitchell loves travelling, photography, movies, fashion, art, and sports. He’s also a huge foodie and loves dogs (as pets).

Kevin Gutierrez


Kevin Gutierrez is a sophomore from Utah studying Neuroscience at USC. Kevin is the Secretary for Ballroom dance and releases weekly newsletters for members to read and stay up to date with the club. Kevin is interested in the medical field and keeps himself busy with many rigorous classes like introductory chemistry. He is quite recognizable by his eyes which are somehow both brown and blue. As a ballroom dancer, Kevin has many years of experience on his belt and hips like Shakira. He is a huge lover of trees.

Mingze Sun

External Affairs

Mingze is a senior studying philosophy who joined the team in Fall 2018. She is in charge of social media operation and fundraising. She is constantly keeping members updated with event posts and photos. Here’s a tip... If you want to be featured on the team’s Facebook or Instagram, send her your favorite pictures of you and your partner!! When she’s not studying or dancing, Mingze is playing games like a real E-Sport player (according to her roommates), reading, or playing with Dana’s cat, Alice.


Lorena Bravo

Ballroom & Smooth Coach

Lorena is our Smooth coach. She got her start in the USC Ballroom Dance Team, and now she competes nationally and has many years of professional dance experience. See her website here.

Jonathan Atkinson

Latin & Rhythm Coach

Jonathan is our Rhythm coach. He also competes nationally and has many years of experience in professional dancing and dance instruction. See his website here.